Monitoring Services

Expanded 2-Way Voice Alarm Monitoring Capabilities

Expanded 2-Way Voice Alarm Monitoring Capabilities. United Central Station currently supports multiple 2-way voice communication boards from many of the top manufacturers.

  • 2-Way Voice Communication

POTS-Alternative (TCP/IP, Radio, Cellular) Solutions

We support several alternative solutions to POTS (dial up) communications for both primary and secondary alarm communications (radio, GSM, cellular, IP monitoring).

  • Radio, GSM, Cellular, IP Monitoring


We have successfully endured the test of time and supported many formats over the years.  We have supported, and continue to support, dial-up digital communication formats.

  • Dial-up Digital Communication Formats

Basic Monitoring

We define basic monitoring as everything you need for the typical residential or commercial customer. It includes test signal supervision, generous zone allocation, and supervised trouble signals.

  • Generous Zone Allocation
  • Free Monthly Test Signal Supervision

UL Monitoring

We offer UL monitoring for fire alarms and burglar alarms.

  • Fire and Burglar Alarms

Open/Close Monitoring

We highly recommend open/close monitoring as standard on any commercial account. Reports can be automatically faxed or emailed.

  • Standard on Commercial Accounts

IP Monitoring

Alarm signals are sent over the internet directly to our IP receivers. We currently monitor GE, DSC, and Ademco/Honeywell IP transmitters.

  • Ademco/Honeywell
  • DSC
  • GE

Radio Monitoring

We currently offer Honeywell AlarmNet and DSC Connect Uplink, Telular,, and other radio service providers.

  • Telular
  • DSC Connect Uplink


Our operators use your name when responding to alarm signals from your accounts. When your customers call us they hear a generic greeting which does not mention our name. Custom greetings and call back numbers are also available.

  • Personal Phone Calls
  • Custom Greetings

Technical Support

Our operators can provide basic user level assistance to your customers. They can help with arming, disarming, bypassing, silencing trouble conditions, and other functions of most alarm panels.

  • User Level Assistance

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